Fastlane Pools
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Triathlon Training


A fully adjustable, river-like current for your new Personal Best.

Swim training in a Fastlane Pool is like swimming in open water – no turns, no stopping, and a smooth, steady flow of water.

The Fastlane Pools swim current is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, creating a comfortable, river-like current to swim against. By eliminating turns, you get a better understanding of your true open water endurance.

For over 20 years, IRONMAN® athletes have tested the Fastlane Pools swim current at races from New York’s Lake Placid to New Zealand’s Lake Taupo. At the World Championships in Kona, we launched the Elite Fastlane Pool, featuring our smoothest current with a sub :55/100m top speed. It is now being used by some of the world's best swim programs and coaches, such as David Marsh, to fine-tune stroke technique.

Swimmers of every caliber can benefit from training in the Fastlane Pool. Our underwater mirrors allow you to see each stroke and make corrections in real-time. Add an underwater treadmill to cross-train with minimal joint impact. It's perfect for muscle recovery, injury rehab, and endurance training.

Training regularly in a Fastlane Pool will help you achieve a new PB - we guarantee it!

Be first out of the water.

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