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About Us

The Fastlane® Pool swimming machine creates a smooth swim current to allow you to “endlessly” swim in place.

The Fastlane Pool was originally manufactured in the United States in 1988 to provide an exercise swimming pool that allows you to "Swim at Home". To date over 20,000 pools have been sold in over 100 countries.

The modular design makes installation possible even in small spaces. All components fit easily through a standard doorway or down stairs, allowing for installation in existing spaces such as garages or basements and in new buildings such as conservatories and even prefab garden sheds.

A Fastlane Pool:

  • Allows you to swim year round in the comfort and convenience of your own home
  • Is easy to install, simple to maintain, and economical to run
  • Fits virtually anywhere – indoors or outside
  • Is the environmentally friendly choice – it uses less space, water, and energy than traditional pools.

For more information or to try a pool, please email us at or call us on 1800 768 182.

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