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Performance Fastlane Pool

Our Performance current is both smoother and, at its top speed, faster than our Original Fastlane Pool current.

The custom-designed two-propeller system delivers a superior swim current:

  • It's larger. The system moves more water, requiring a 61 cm x 45.75 cm outlet grill – that's almost 30% larger than in our Original model! The broader, deeper current gives beginners more room to drift.
  • It's faster (or not). Power it up to its demanding top speed of 1:10/100m, or at the push of a button, slow the current down to a gentle pace.
  • It's smoother. Many swimmers even call it "soft." We can get technical about the propellers' counter-rotation and how interior turning vanes calm turbulence, but it all comes down to this – the current just feels better!

A significant step up from our Original current, the Performance Fastlane Pool offers greater versatility for all. View Performance Fastlane Pool Specifications.

Whether you're a strong swimmer or a novice, this pool adapts to where you are now ... and delivers an ideal environment in which to grow your skills and your fitness level.

Upgrade to a bigger, faster, smoother swim current.

Request more information and see for yourself how a Fastlane Pool can improve your quality of life.

Performance Fastlane Pool Specifications:
2.13m x 3.66m to 3.05m x 4.88m swimming area
1m standard water depth, 1.12m & 1.30m optional
Modular steel construction
5-hp, two-propeller swim current generator with wireless remote control
61 cm x 45.75 cm water outlet grill
Reinforced acrylic water flow and conditioning system
Digital systems control
High-efficiency circulating pump
Skimmer filter (removable-cartridge type)
4-kW electric heater
220v, 32-amp, RCD power requirement
Many options available (covers, copings, treadmills, etc.)

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