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Elite Fastlane Pool


Introducing the Fastlane Pool Elite, a counter-current swimming machine that is revolutionising swim instruction.

The Elite offers coaches a unique and unprecedented opportunity to analyse every element of their swimmers' stroke, while providing both coach and athlete instantaneous, real-time feedback via multiple adjustable cameras and mirrors.

Utilising a 7.5-hp motor to create a :56/100 metre pace, the Elite offers the fastest, smoothest swim current available in any swimming machine. With a standard swim area of 2.44m x 4.27m x 1m (custom sizes and depths available) and two custom-designed propellers operated by a single remote control, the Elite challenges even the finest swimmers.

The custom designed 61cm x 45.75cm outlet produces a flow of water that is wide, deep and smooth. By mounting the two propellers on either side of the long return channels the water travels further before it enters the propulsion housing giving it more time to straighten, thereby producing an ultra-smooth current. View Elite Fastlane Pool Specifications.

With the Elite, a coach can increase the current speed to a swimmer's race pace — see precisely when and how their stroke breaks down — and fix it. Immediately. You can't do that yelling across three lanes of a 50-metre pool.

If only the best will do, then this is your pool.

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Elite Fastlane Pool Specifications/Options:
2.44m x 4.27m to 3.05m x 4.88m swimming area
3 1.5m x 45.7cm stainless steel VGB-compliant suction grills
1m standard water depth, 1.12m & 1.27m optional
Perimeter coping
Modular steel construction
Commercial grade water quality system
7.5-hp, two propeller, swim current generator
220v 45-amp RCD power requirement
61cm x 45.75cm water outlet grill
Swim mirrors (pool floor and overhead)
Reinforced acrylic water flow and conditioning system
Custom Designed Graphic Skirting

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