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Fastlane Pool Spa Series An all-in-one pool combined with a luxury spa

Swim Spa

Fastlane Pools Swim Spa

Build Your Swim or Exercise Spa

Fastlane Pool Spa Series Overview

Enjoy backyard living at its finest with a pool and spa all in one. Swim, exercise, enjoy increased quality time with your family and friends. Our beautifully sculpted swim spa combined with hydrotherapy jet seats, an underwater treadmill and the Fastlane Pool swim current turns your home into an oasis for year-round exercise, relaxation and fun. No other swim spa offers such a complete solution for your health and well-being.

With four sizes to choose from, an Fastlane Pool Swim Spa can fit virtually anywhere. The unit arrives pre-plumbed and can be installed on any sound, level surface. While typically installed on a patio, an Fastlane Pool Swim Spa can be installed indoors in a converted garage or with new construction. Built in steps allow for easy access and are perfect if you wish to build a deck up around the spa to give it an in-ground appearance.

Built from the highest quality acrylic, our swim spas are designed to provide years of family fun and enjoyment. Fully insulated wall panels lower your operating costs to that of a traditional hot tub. Our Swim Spas combine the fun of a full-sized pool with the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of a hot tub. And with two products combined into one they offer a tremendous value for our customers.

There's no better way to end your day than with some aquatic exercise followed by a relaxing massage. If you want to improve your fitness, relieve pressure on your body or melt away the stresses of daily life, an Fastlane Pool Swim Spa is the intelligent option.

Our Swim Spas offer the perfect choice for those who want the best of both: a luxury spa and fully-adjustable swim speed current, all-in-one.

Swim whenever you like on your own schedule at your own perfect pace. No traveling, no crowded pools, no heavy chlorine. Just your own precision engineered swimming pool,where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that's fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Our swimming pools are simple to install, easy to maintain, and economical to run.

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